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       Richard J. Miller & Associates, Inc. offers a variety of services to clients in several specific areas:

Property (Ad Valorem) Tax

       RJM&A is a recognized authority in the field of petroleum property valuation for property tax purposes. The firm provides market value appraisals of oil and gas properties according to the law and regulations of the taxing jurisdiction. RJM&A has extensive experience in providing testimony as part of property tax settlement and/or litigation procedures.

Estate Tax and Trust Management

       RJM&A maintains an active practice in the appraisal of oil and gas mineral interests for estate taxes purposes. The firm can work with individuals, tax attorneys and accountants to provide market valuation for royalties and working interest held in trusts and/or estates. The firm also has extensive experience in managing the oil and gas interests of individuals and trusts.

Litigation Support

       RJM&A provides certain specific services as expert appraiser and, if necessary, as expert witness for litigation in regulatory hearings and, to some extent, in tax court matters. These services are provided on a selective basis primarily to existing clients and to persons and/or companies known to personnel of the firm.

Corporate/Personal Investment Analysis

       RJM&A can provide evaluation of oil and gas properties for development projects; acquisition and divestiture, market value of assets and/or comparative valuation of investment options. Working with other experts and/or company staff, RJM&A can develop analyses of projects for use in regulatory approval and review processes.


       Economic evaluations of properties and projects acan be developed for use by clients in financing from public and/or private sources such as commercial banks and public/private placements.

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